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I've been livestreaming a fair bit lately and it's been nice being able to put myself into the video to make the stream more personal.


The traditional way of doing this is with a greenscreen or a wall (painted green) with a bunch of white lights to make the screen a nice uniform colour and to remove any shadows; it can get quite involved and is largely dependent on the properties of the room. It's not an option for everyone. 


With that in mind, I slapped a small piece of software together which uses a Microsoft Kinect 2 and makes a window with the background beyond a certain depth coloured green so that OBS can chroma-key it out.

Note: The depth values are hard coded - I may update this in the future however for now, here it is - without warranty or guarantee or malice - if it sets your PC on fire, it wasn't the intention. 

Just extract it to a folder and run the exe. Make sure your Kinect is plugged in, you should see a green screen appear in a new window with a depth clipped image from the camera.

If you want to stop the camera, just close the window. 

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