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The Epic Type 9 Canyon Race

Do you like big ships? Do you like canyons? Do you like flying so low and fast that you can see ants pulling faces at you?

Well, you're in luck. We have a track at Pomeche 2C which will test your mettle as well as your metal, oh and before you go thinking, Type 9? That's easy.. in our last race, we lost 5 of them.. 2 on the starting straight.



To help with this race, we've put a handy app together, this is a Windows only app. 

It looks at your status and journal files, calculates your score based on your speed and closeness to the ground and sends that data to our server. This lets us know how you're doing in the race.

App updated 21 Feb 2021 - if you have an earlier version, please download this one.

Start finish line is at

3.73 x 46.90

Pomeche Raceway.png

To install the file, download the zip file and extract it to somewhere on your machine, your desktop or somewhere - it doesn't have a proper installer program yet. Don't run the program fro the zip though as it might need other resources it can't see.

If the program can't find your status or journals, it'll tell  you and will give you the chance to search for them yourself.

If you start the game after you start this program, you may need to press the Reset button on the screen. This re-scans your files and gets the proper details for your ship. If you change ship, press Reset.

Once you're about to start the race, press Reset to make sure everything is as it should be.

To start the race, fly to the starting location, near to the start finish point. Don't stop inside the start finish point or the tracker will not let you start the race.

Once near to the starting line, Press [Ready to Race!] and if you're in the right place, the tracker will begin tracking your progress. Fly towards the Start line and the race will begin for you.

Latest version is 1.0.7 - This includes a voice prompt telling you when you're coming up to particular waypoints, this should help you to navigate the course.


1. Fly low

2. Fly Fast

3. Fly a Lakon Type-9

4. No weapons

unknown (2).png
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