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Livestreaming: from YouTube to

Just over a month ago, I was live streaming an event for Starstone Enterprises, where we attempted to gather Low Temperature Diamonds for the sadly doomed marriage between Princess Aisling Duvall and some Federal twerp.

The Starstone community gathered to help, we flew out to the ice fields and in a short amount of time, we started to find these illusive gems. Things were going great until after about an hour, the stream was killed by YouTube.

Numerous confused attempts were made to resurrect the stream but it was to no avail. YouTube had banned me from streaming because of a suspected breach in their terms and conditions. On investigation, the offending video turned out to be a VR video where Commander Mach1ne and I played GORN and Serious Sam.

I immediately appealed and within an hour the ban was lifted. But it was too late.

I move the stream over to Twitch and fount it to be a much better platform for streamers.

I worry about YouTube - They seem to be in a self destructive cycle where they hurt some of their content creators while trying to please advertisers and copyright holders.

I don't stream all the time, I am busy with life responsibilities and video making - but when I get time, I do love getting everyone together and making people laugh as best as I can.

So why not pop over to and give me a follow. It'll be great to see you there.

For my normal story based episodes, they will remain on YouTube.

Have fun and Fly Aimless.

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