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The El Scorbius story so far

El Scorbius is a bad person, he doesn't think he is, he thinks he's just a firm but fair person who likes things to be done a certain way, who considers laws to be more guidelines and that it's a dog eat dog universe, so be the biggest dog. However, he doesn't kill for fun, it's always - business... or revenge.. or convenience, but never fun. He also hates Ascorbius; not because he's done anything to him, they've never met - but because people keep getting them confused and that really gets on El Scorbius' nerves.

Season 1

Tasty Cargo

It all starts with an interdiction. A hapless Type 9 is returning from a mining expedition with a full hold and cheer in their hearts, it is after-all, almost Christmas. Until they meet El Scorbius.

Imperial Hospitality

An imperial cutter is flying back to their home in the empire for the holidays, carrying cargo of some significance until they are interdicted by El Scorbius.

Radio Etiquette

The peace and serenity of space is a treasured thing. Something to be interrupted only by worthy events. Yet we have cruise liners and wedding barges constantly filling the public comms with their never ending barrage of inaccurate percentages and lack of vows. El Scorbius to the rescue.

The Reckoning

In many ways, we are all connected. However how could El Scorbius have known just how well connected certain people are and the power they hold... and that ghosts from his past would come to revisit him and show him the error of his ways.

Season 2

The Golden Throne

Earning a crust is hard, especially with limited tools. However a certain Mini commander crosses the path of El Scorbius in a golden Asp Explorer, this opportunity just cannot be missed.


Sometimes it's best to be the fastest, not always the biggest. El Scorbius buys a viper mk3 and turns it into the very image of speed. While gathering engineering materials, he happens upon something which will change everything. Will this be the final redemption of El Scorbius?

All The Dakka

Speed is great, fast ships are brilliant but faster bullets are better. With the realisation that the Viper, while being a capable and certainly speedy ship, it can't really store much cargo. A chance encounter with the enigmatic Commander Baize sends El Scorbius on a different path, perhaps he will get revenge on Commander Mini afterall.


The Sidewinder is a wonderful ship, often overlooked in the pursuit of wealth and glory. But will it be enough when Gwydion Starstone comes calling with a task which will test El Scorbius to the very core?


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