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Super duper short cuts

After 9 months of filming, edits, video effects, recording, mastering and a significant amount of music composition, the most recent video was born. Split into 3 episodes to keep them nice and short - well, about 10-15 mins, so people can enjoy them at their leisure. People enjoyed them and the comments section reflected that - it made me happy. I edited the videos together into a supercut - this meant a chance to rebalance some of the audio and make some of the edits a little snappier, then upscale the rendered output to 4k 60fps - (Topaz AI Upscale is a hell of a thing) 15 hours of processing, but the results are amazing. Again, the comments are brimming with wonderful statements of support and love. This is why I produce these videos.

Then a little birdie told me that in order to get viewers, I need to make Shorts. Typically I don't watch shorts, I think I'm in the wrong generation for them - they're YouTube's attempt at beating TikTok at their own game - and I think I'll never understand TikTok. But, I've got this upscaled 4k video to make shorts from - so that's what I'm doing.

So keep an eye out for them, they'll be in the shorts section of YouTube, give them a like if you see them. Let's see if they can introduce some new people to the muppetry.

I do wonder though if I ought to post the Shorts to TikTok too?

Hugs to you all



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