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The story so far

The saga of Commander Ascorbius continues in a mostly aimless way as he tries to find not only his place in the universe, but often, his ship. Over the course of his adventures he's met several friends which include Turjan Starstone, Commander Mach1ne, Captain Spatula and an Alien named Rog. His best mate Jayne tries - often in vain - to steer him onto the right path.

Driving Lessons

After getting through flight school by pure luck and a lot of assistance by his trusty friend Jayne, Scorb is forced to take Driving Lessons.



Scorb breaks the Asp Explorer because of poor maintenance, Jayne has a busted leg because of an incident during the driving lessons leaving Scorb to EVA and fix the ship.


Futility Farseer

Scorb and Jayne take the Federal Dropship to see Felicity Farseer. She works her magic on the FSD but not everyone is impressed.


The Villainous

Scorb and Jayne are hauling Biowaste where they get jumped by pirates.



Jayne is away on "Business" so Scorb takes the Vulture out for a spin, He gets carried away with how fast it goes and fails to pay attention to more important things.


Mining Class

Scorb has a go at Mining, but he's probably not understood the mechanics.


Ores, Cores & Claws: Turjans Travels

Turjan has business he needs to attend to, but having just returned from a long trip, the media is demanding an interview from the heir to Starstone Industries - So he asks Ascorbius to step in to provide cover.


The Scientific Method

Scorb and Jayne take a mission from Ram Tah to investigate some Guardian ruins and get a lot more than they expected.


Triple Thargoid

Feeding an Alien proves to be more trouble than they expected. With Jayne mopping up the Type 9, Scorb takes their new crew mate to Braben's for a burger.


Christmas is cancelled!

Christmas is at risk, Turjan and Co rally an unusual band of commanders to try to save it with alcohol. They take their trusty dropship and set to Saving Christmas. Everything is fine until Felicity's handy work comes undone.


The San Tu Clause: Turjans Travels

After being rescued from Hutton Orbital by Commander Mach1ne, the alcohol is transferred and they head to San Tu to deliver it. Scorb gets a call from Hutton that the Dropship is going to be broken up and turned into mugs if they don't hurry back and pick it up.


Bored, Bored, Bored!

Ascorbius is bored, Jayne is on holiday so Scorb embarks on a short jaunt to Colonia with Commander Mach1ne for a pint. It turns out to be further away than he thought.


The Mass Jump: CMDR Mach1ne

Commander Mach1ne finishes getting ready for the trip to Colonia and is running a bit late, luckily so is Ascorbius.



Ascorbius takes a break from the endless jumping at Mammon asteroid station for a little personal time.


An Unexpected Request

While on a mission from Gwydion Starstone, Scorb and Jayne save the day from a vicious Thargoid warrior, or do they? No matter what, Scorb has to get a move on if he's going to stand any chance of catching up with Commander Mach1ne.


Beyond Reboot: CMDR Mach1ne

Commander Mach1ne gets into a bit of trouble as his Anaconda is damaged, Ascorbius and Turjan arrive to help. One is more helpful than the other..


Jaques Station: CMDR Mach1ne

Commander Mach1ne attempts to get a free drink at Jaques' legendary bar by beating Scorb to the dock.


Pain in the Colonia

After two weeks of solid jumping with only a few short stops, Scorb finally arrives in Colonia. Jayne returns from his holiday and his holiday mood soon changes when he sees what Scorb has left for him.


Go home you're drunk!

Jayne is mad. Scorb is getting drunk in Colonia and he's got to get his Python back from Shiny Bob the used ship merchant. Scorb is broke in Colonia and now has to find a way to earn some money

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