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El Scorbius

Just before Christmas of 2018, I created a short series of videos based on a new character, El Scorbius.

The character is a villain, a baddie. He exists outside of the law and the ideals of the Pilots Federation. He has a moral code, but breaking that code will probably cost you dearly.

He is quick to anger and one of the easiest ways to do this is to confuse him with Commander Ascorbius - a commander he has never met, however is constantly confused for by people he happens upon during his travels, often to their detriment.

So far he's managed to rack up quite the body count, attacking other commanders for such high crimes as polluting the public comms with chatter about the percentile of excellence, not committing to a marriage, partying and drinking Jacobs Creek. Oh, and being accused of being friends with Ascorbius.

Everything was going well for El Scorbius, he had a very powerful ship, a fully engineered Alliance Chieftain. His enemies would fall quickly before his might, that is, before he met Gwydion Starstone.

Gwydion Starstone had been watching El Scorbius, perhaps seeing some talent which may be of use. He wove an intricate trap to ensnare the pirate. A trap so cunning and subtle that El Scorbius utterly failed to detect it.

Once the trap was sprung, he gave El Scorbius an ultimatum. Either accept a job along with some strict terms or be destroyed. He begrudgingly accepted and flew away.

However, his path took him through Ploid space. The encounter with The Ploid caused him to lose his ship, all of his credits and wound up destitute with nothing to his name apart from a sidewinder sporting a festive paint job, which of course he also couldn't afford to have replaced. This coupled with the effective indentured servitude to the head of Starstone industries, only served to fuel his rage.

On top of this, for the crimes committed in Hilla during his rampage, The Ploid (aka Commander Plater ) issued a Kill On Sight order throughout Ploid space which remains to this day.

Things looked bleak. However, El Scorbius is not defeated easily. He dusted himself off and swore his revenge.

The following months, he'd started to make money as a pirate. He'd target the weak and the wealthy, extorting credits and goods from them for sale on the black market.

This didn't go entirely smoothly though; a run-in with Commander Mini left him with a ship filled with effluent and a smell which would never fully leave.

He eventually made enough money to buy a Viper mkIII and engineer it to be one of the fastest ships in the galaxy - following advice he obtained, again from Commander Mini while serving as a guest on the Hal Price show.

Yet he is never far from the gaze of Gwydion Starstone who continues to watch unseen from the sidelines.

Perhaps El Scorbius will escape his clutches, perhaps he will amass a fortune and an armada of powerful ships with which he will exact his revenge on all who have crossed him.

All of this remains to be seen, his story has not yet complete. One thing is for sure though,

it is a lot of fun writing a bad guy.

Fly Aimless

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